Types of Driving license in Bangladesh

Types of Driving license in Bangladesh

The first and mandatory thing to do while driving on the road is to get a driving license. Bangladesh is no exception. Driving without a license is an offence. So drivers who are interested in passing the driving license test should pay attention to this. Before going into details about it, first it is necessary to know about the type or type of license.

Type and type of driving license

There are 5 categories of driving license in Bangladesh. These are:

1) Learner’s License

2) Professional license

3) Amateur license

4) PSV License

5) Instructor License

The first step for those who want to get a driving license is to get a learner’s license. This license has to be collected from Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) by paying the fee according to the vehicle. After that customer can take 2/3 months training with this license. At the end of the training he will have to take part in written, oral and field tests.

If you have a learner’s license, you can only apply for professional and amateur licenses. An amateur license is required to drive one’s own private vehicle and a professional license is required to drive for an organization. Minimum age for professional driving license is 20 years and for amateurs 18 years. Driving a public service vehicle or public transport also requires a separate license called a PSV license. And the instructor license is mainly for instructors who work as instructors or advisors about vehicles or transportation.

Types of Driving license in Bangladesh

Also, depending on the vehicle type, the licenses involved are:

1) Motor cycle driving license

2) Driving license for driving auto-rickshaw and auto-tempu

3) Driving license to drive light vehicle, jeep or microbus

4) Driving license for medium quality motor vehicle

5) Heavy Duty Driving License

6) Driving license for driving tractor or special category vehicle

Motorcycle license is for driving a special vehicle i.e. motorcycle license. Similarly there are separate licenses for autorickshaws, microbuses, medium and heavy vehicles and tractors or special category vehicles.

A driver must obtain a professional license to drive a truck as well as a motor vehicle license. However, the most essential or fundamental thing in obtaining these licenses is that the applicant must undergo the prescribed tests and verifications.

Besides, we can take the help of Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) website to know details about vehicle license. Hopefully, those who are interested in driving will follow this awareness guide which will be able to change the image of transport sector in Bangladesh. Types of Driving license in Bangladesh Types of Driving license in Bangladesh Types of Driving license in Bangladesh Types of Driving license in Bangladesh

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